The Association has several objectives:

  • to guide and provide support to members in obtaining proper permits for their particular usages (BnB, Hostel, or Vacation Rental)
  • to promote members’ properties through its website that will be tied in with larger websites like
  • to provide certification to members in good standing that will lend assurance to potential guests that members’ properties are real and have maintained high marks from past guests.
  • to provide a referral service for people that can support our members’ businesses (e.g. architects and electricians, house cleaners, wifi and security technicians, guest services, etc.)
  • to protect legitimate operators and protect our brand by working with code enforcement and the city to shut down pirate operators

Join with fellow owners and managers to use the strength of our numbers locally to promote our community, negotiate for group pricing with vendors and share social media exposure.

Current Association Board

  • Carroll Schultz Reetz: President
  • James Abbondanza: Vice President
  • Colin Ligammari: PR and Membership