Here are some reasons why renting a private vacation rental home is just plain better than staying in a cramped expensive hotel room.

  • Get more space, more rooms, more privacy.
  • Bring family and friends. Spend time together.
  • Often you get handy front-door parking free.
  • Avoid expensive every meal cost. Eat what you want.
  • Full kitchens, pots, pans, plates and utensils,
  • In residential communities feel like a local. Make friends.
  • Deal directly with the manager or owner.
  • On a per person basis, you spend less & get more.

You can depend on us! We monitor the legal operation and the quality of vacation rental homes and operators. To be listed on our site, you must be permitted and consistently have good reviews.

With online booking sites like VRBO, HomeAway, and AirBnB, it has never been easier for operators to reach potential customers. However, this has also allowed people to enter the market without following local zoning laws and building and fire codes.

All Vacation Rentals listed on our site have received their permit from the City of Niagara Falls and have met all building and fire codes.

If you see a place on an online booking site, check here first to make sure that they are legal and have consistently received good reviews from their past guests. If they are not listed here, they may be operating illegally and you don’t want to book a place that may be shut down before you arrive.